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Antalya Splendors of the Taurus Mountain
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The Aladag Taurus Mountains attract walkers and trekkers from all over the world. The mountains offers a perfect  combination of spectacular mountain scenery, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, remote villages and nomad camps. Join the six day trek which ends at the village of Yahyali  famous for its unique carpets.  We are also able to arrange treks for shorter or longer duration to suit your needs.

Day 1 Yalak Valley Meet in cukurbasi village and trek to Yalak valley.  Camp at Yalak valley (2150m).
>br>Day 2  Seven Lakes Walk through the Karayalik valley and pass the cool of celikbuyduran (3300m). Pitch camp for two nights at the Seven Lakes plateau.

Day 3  Seven Lakes Today there is a possibility to climb Embler (3723m). It is an easy walk to reach this marvelous viewpoint for a superb view of the Seven Lakes area.  In the afternoon free walk to the lakes area.

Day 4 Sogukpinar From the Hacer Gorge descend to the timberline and walk through the pine forests to Sogukpinar(1500m), the next camp place.

Day 5 Kapuzbasi Waterfalls Day trip to the village of Barazama.  Afterwards hike further to Kapuzbasi village, which is famous for its waterfalls.  Camp (900m).

Day 6 Yahyali In the morning transfer to Yahyali.

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