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Olympos & Phaselis
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Olympos was one of the six major cities of the Lycian Confederation. Although there very few remains left, the site of the city is splendid. Several small streams flowing from the NW join a large river before reaching the sea. A large sand beach and the mountains behind are a beautiful sight. You leave your car at ''Cirali'', reached from a junction at Ulupinar, 177 km from Kalkan (60 km from Antalya), on the Fenike road. Cirali, called ''Hephaistos'' in antiquity, has a geological curiosity : the Eternal Flame of Lycia (alt, 300 m). This natural gas escape is a source, of many legends in mythlogy (Chimaera). From this point it is 5 km to the sea. The city is believed to have been founded in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. Cicero descibes it is a prosperous city with a great many beautiful works of art mostly of Hellenistic influence. The baths, the acropolis crowning a promontry 50 m high, the historical bridge, the church and the theater still remain. The city gradually lost its importance, to disappear in the Middle Ages. You can continue trekking by hiking North to Phaselis (about 10 km).
Phaselis, a well protected and important port, was founded on a cape with three natural coves, called the North, Northeast and Southwest harbours. The city was a major trading port on the route to Greece and Rome to the West and Syria-Palestine to the East. The Rodians, Phoenicians, Persians, Athenians, Alexander the Great, Egyptians, Romans and finally Byzantines ruled the city it became Ottoman in 1158. Most of the ruins are from the Roman time. The harbours, the main street, the agora, the baths, the temples (to Athena Polias, the principal goddess of Phaselis, to Hestia and Hermes), the aqueduct and the necropolis are remains worth visiting. Tahtalędag (2375 m) behind Phaselis is prime trekking site with its forests and streams. Trout farms are frequent and if you are lucky you will have a glimpse of a chamois or some other kind of wild goat, during your hike. Phaselis-Antalya is 55 km. Phaselis is 2 km from the main road.

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