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Antalya-Caves (Altinbesik & Karain)
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Altinbesik Cave is one of the most unusual subterranean lakes in the world. It is within the boundaries of Urunlu village. This fascinating underground world is beneath the Tauros mountains and to see it one has to make the necessary preparations. Many caves and lakes are to be found underground. The lakes are at different levels, resulting in eascades. Huge stalagtites and stalagmites can be seen in the caves. It has taken millions of years to create the present formation of the lakes and the caves. The theory of their formation is as follows: due to the limestone nature of this mountainous area, the water trickled into the cracks and following chemical reactions in some places, melting occurred and small cavities resulted. In time, due to the deleterious effects of the water, the cavities grew bigger and became caves. This process has continued to our day. Those interested in this subject and are hardy climbers will be rewarded with a sight of unparalleled beauty.

Karain Cave is 27 km. far from Antalya. Digs have been continuing there since 1946. These have revealed a settlement at that spot 50.000 years ago. It is the largest cave in Turkey to have been inhabited. Some of the finds are on display in the little Karain Museum and others in the Pre-History Section of Antalya Museum.

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