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   Bodrum Private Tour
Blue Cruise Gocek-Bodrum
Blue Cruise Kusadasi-Marmaris
Yachting Itinerary Marmaris-Gocek
Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Knidos-Gocek
Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Demre-Gocek
Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Antalya
Yachting Itinerary Bodrum/TR-Greek Islands-Gocek/T

Yachting Itinerary Marmaris-Gocek
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This is a suggested sailing itinerary for Private charters. This is not a fixed cruise
Gulets or motor yachts and bareboaters who would like to start in the southern part of Turkey and sail south. This is a lot of sailing in a short period of time, a much better itinerary of course would be for 10 -14 days. But what we wanted to show is the flexibility one can have in private chartering.

DAY 1 Embarkation in Marmaris - Ekincik Bay
Surrounded by pine-clad hills, Marmaris is located on the site of ancient Phykos of which nothing at all remains since the modern town sits atop the ruins. Marmaris is a calling place on the Blue Voyage and boats may be hired here to go to Bodrum and Fethiye. The Harbor of Ekincik, located on the western entry cape of the inlet of Ekincik and covered with green pine forests, is a place of priority because it is very near to the ruined remains of Caunos.

DAY 2 Ekincik Bay - Tour Dalyan - Caunos
Caunos, the son of Miletos, had been indicated as the founder of the city and therefore, it had been named Caunos. The city was first captured by the Persians and then by Alexander and in the year 189 B.C., it was made subject to the Kingdom of Rhodes. You reach the site of the ruins by means of a channel adorned with Lycian type tombs belonging to the 4th century B.C. The first place that we see is the acropolis of Caunos. The northern part of the city wall, which surrounds the acropolis, belongs to the period of Mausolos. The northwestern part has Hellenistic qualities. And starting from the harbor are seen the city walls of Cyclopean type belonging to the Archaic Period. The theater belonging to the Roman Period is located at the skirt of the acropolis and its southern part is carved in the rock; the other parts are shaped into seats supported by gable roof vaults. There are 33 rows of seats, the scene has collapsed and the part of the orchestra has been filled in.

DAY 3 Kumlubuku - Laryma
Continue cruising to Kumlubuku (Sandy Bay). As the name suggests, Kumlubuku consists of a long sandy beach surrounded by forested mountains. Time to enjoy a leisurely lunch, swim and snorkel in the aquarium clear waters. Loryma is an ancient town with the remains of a large fortress dating from 430 BC.

DAY 4 Marmaris - Hisaronu Bay

DAY 5 Datca - Knidos - Gokova Bay
Datca is a small but lively town with good shopping facilities and reputable carpet shops. After lunch, sail to Knidos and explore the impressive ruins of the ancient city.
While one may sail directly from Bodrum to Knidos and Tekir cape in the course of one's Blue Voyage, it is also possible to proceed by following the bay indented coastline of the gulf of Gökova.

DAY 6 Oren - Yediadalar (12 Islands)
The modern town of Keramos(Oren) is located on the ruins of Keramos. Çamalti Bay, was the harbor of ancient Keramos. Göcek which recently became the meeting point of yachtsmen and lovers of the sea and has attained a justified fame with its natural position. Meeting in the coves of Göcek which itself is a paradise on the earth which owns marvels of nature, each more beautiful than the other, like the 12 Islands of Atbükü, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi, Siralibük, Sarsala, Manastir, Göbün Coves and Göcek, Yassicalar, Tersane and Domuz Islands.

DAY 7 Cokertme - Oraklar
Cokertme Bay is surrounded by pine and olive trees and is sheltered against the winds.

DAY 8 Disembark in Gocek

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