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Yachting Itinerary Marmaris-Gocek
Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Knidos-Gocek
Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Demre-Gocek
Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Antalya
Yachting Itinerary Bodrum/TR-Greek Islands-Gocek/T

Yachting Itinerary Gocek-Antalya
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This is a suggested sailing itinerary for Private charters. This is not a fixed cruise.
Gulets or motor yachts and bareboaters who would like to start in the southern part of Turkey and sail south. This is a lot of sailing in a short period of time, a much better itinerary of course would be for 10 -14 days. But what we wanted to show is the flexibilty one can have in private chartering.

DAY 1 Embarkation in Gocek - Gocek Island
Göcek which recently became the meeting point of yachtsmen and lovers of the sea, has attained a justified fame with its natural position. Meeting in coves of Göcek which itself is a paradise the earth which owns marvels of nature, each more beautiful than the other, like the 12 Islands of Atbükü, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi, Siralibük, Sarsala, Manastir, Göbün Coves and Göcek, Yassicalar, Tersane and Domuz Islands.

DAY 2 Fethiye - Oludeniz
In Fethiye you can have a walk to the Lycian rock tombs of ancient Telmessos and make a tour of the city. After lunch cruising to Oludeniz, a beautiful inland bay that stretches behind the cape.

DAY 3 Kalkan -Tour to Xanthos - Patara
An air-conditioned minibus will take you from the Kalkan harbour for your daily land tour. Kalkan is a base for visiting Xanthos, the birthplace of Bishop Nicholas of Myra, and Patara, a suberb seven-mile long beach. Letoon is an ancient city with temples of Apollo, Artemis and Leto and the ruins of Hellenistic Theatre. Enjoy the lunch in Saklikent ( Hidden Canyon).

DAY 4 Kas
Kas is one of the oldest settlements in the region of Lydia. Most of the ancient settlement is now covered by the modern town of Kas. The rock-cut tombs to the north east of the town date to the 4th century BC.
On a rise between the open sea and the hill, which was probably the acropolis of the ancient city, lies a rock tomb formed like a Doric structure with Doric triglyphs on the facade. Inside the tomb is to be found a frieze of dancing female figures.
The acropolis was surrounded by a fortified wall, of which traces are to be seen on the facade facing the island of Meis (Kastellorizon). No traces of fortifications are to be seen on the northern or western slopes. To the west of the modern town stands the ancient theater overlooking the sea.
This structure possesses a remarkable view. It was constructed of local limestone and today the tribunes and outer walls are still visible although no trace of the skene is left. On the western edge of the acropolis are traces of a temple. Tombs of the Roman Period are scattered about the town and along the coast.
After leaving Kas, one sails for well known Kekova where one may visit the ruins of Aperlai at the jetty on Sicak Peninsula, Tersane Bay on Kekova Island, the sunken city, and the ruins on the island as well as the ruins of Simena at Kaleköy.

DAY 5 Kekova - Demre - Myra
You will be absorbed into the remains of an ancient Lycian civilization. There is a wealth of fascinating spots to explore. Parts of the city are sunken while other parts protrude from the sea to and from tiny islands. A lonely sarcophagus still stands half submerged on the western side of the bay. Ucagiz Bay and the village Kale (ancient Simena) will be visited. The best anchorage for yachts is Ücagiz where one finds the ruins of the ancient city of Theimussa. The place is a spot of beauty where nature and history have merged. Kekova can also be reached in small rented boats from Kas and from Cayagzi at Demre.
The ruins of Myra are situated 5 km inland, between the modern town and the sea. The acropolis of the city is situated on top of the cliffs containing the Lycian rock tombs. The city walls, dating from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, are still to be seen protecting the acropolis. The rock tombs cover the southern cliffs below the acropolis like a sheet of lace. Apart from the tombs beside the theater, others are to be seen on the river banks and in the surrounding cliffs.

DAY 6 Finike - Olympos - Phaselis
Finike is located after the Inlet of Kokar and, if you wish, you can see the ruins of Limyra in Turunçova near by and also the ruins of Arykanda.
Olympos is situated between the holiday resort of Kemer and the village of Adrasan. We follow a sign leading from Ulupinar to the ruins of Olympos, where we find not only the ruins of Olympos but volcanic terrain which has formed from constantly fuming geysers of natural hot gas. The ruins of the city are set along the banks of a small stream, and although small, it is a very interesting site, unforgettable in its striking position by the sea, and curious for its ever-burning light. The left bank of the stream is completely covered with undergrowth, and with great difficulty, one can make out the remains of a wall, and over it a door on certain ruins.

DAY 7 Phaselis - Antalya
Phaselis was founded in the year 690 BC as a colony of Rhodes. There are three harbors in Phaselis; one of which is the Military Harbor in front of the aqueducts, the second one is the wide Northern Harbor adjacent to the military harbor and the third is the Southern Harbor in the south.

DAY 8 Disembark in Antalya.

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