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Set in an undeniably beautiful site at the foot of Baba Mountain Aphrodisias is known to have been inhabited since the sixth century BC. Its favored status with Rome and its prosperity were due almost entirely to the cult of Aphrodide, who was one of the most celebrated and popular deities of the ancients.
Her temple at Aphrodisias was famed throughout the world. Aphrodite was known as the goddess of beauty and love, the queen of laughter, mistress of courtesans.
Aphrodisias was also a center of philosophy, medicine, art and fine sculpture. See the monumental Hadrian's Gate, the 30,000 seat stadium, the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite, the small Odeon ruins of Hadrian and eastwards the superb, 10,000 seat theatre.

Pamukkale means cotton castle, the water gushing from natural hot thermal springs of nearby Hierapolis is so rich in limestone that over the centuries deposits have built up on the ridges of the cliff face and formed themselves into molar shaped, snow-white, petrified waterfalls. The flow of the water has carved out a series of terraces that constantly fill and spill over with warm spring water. Paddle about in this centrally heated fairyland.
Ancient Hierapolis is adjacent to Pamukkale and is known as “The Sacred City” because of the waters. It was founded in 190 BC by Eumenes 11 King of Pergamum whose successor Attalus 111 willed all his kingdom to the Romans upon his death. The city was extensively developed despite frequent earthquakes and flourished as a spa center. Amongst the extensive ruins you will find original Roman baths, the Temple of Apollo and the Sanctuary of Pluto now called "Cin Deligi" -- "The Devil's Hole". Further on, you will come upon the 15,000-seat theatre and a truly enormous necropolis with hundreds of tombs. Ironic, when you consider that this was a health spa.

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