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Didyma is located 16 kms from Milteus. Its interesting history, beaches of fine sand, and brilliant sun all make Didyma one of the most attractive places in the Aegean.
The sacred coastal road south of ancient Milteus passes along the coast and reaches Didyma's panoramic harbor after which the roadway, decorated with statues of priests on either side, proceeds on to the Didyma temple of Apollo. The temple is one of the most impressive and magnificent ancient monuments of Asia Minor. It was built by priests of Branchidae in the 6th century B.C. and dedicated to Apollo, the son of Zeus and the twin brother of the moon goddess Artemis. A single piece of marble between the doors leading into the temple weighs 70 tons. The temple, surrounded by 124 columns, has walls and steps decorated with human and animal carvings. The Altinkum Beach is famous for its fine golden sands.

The ruins of the ancient city of Milteus are to be found 28 kms to the northwest of the town of Soke in Aydin province. The city is thought to have been founded by Milteus, the grandson of the Creatan King Minos, and was renowned for the mathematicians and philosophers it produced. It was an important commercial port at that time but as a result of silting up the city is now an inland one. Amongst the ruins at Milteus are the remains of an amphitheatre agora, the temple of Athena and a mosque from the Ottoman period.

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