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Skiathos-Skopelos: Mediterranean Collection's selected tours.

   Delphi from Skiathos
Meteora from Skiathos

Delphi from Skiathos
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From Skiathos the hydrofoil takes us to the mainland port of Agios Konstantinos, a further 1 1/2 hour air conditioned coach journey along the coast up to the mountains of Parnassos to the ancient site of Delphi. You spend the morning exploring the archaeological sites, featuring the temple of Apollo, the sanctuary, the theatre and the stadium. Delphi was the renowned center of the ancient world and the home of the Oracle who advised and counseled statesmen from all over the world. After a visit to the archaeological site you have a lunch break in the village of Delphi. During the afternoon, a visit to the museum of Delphi will conclude this excursion to the center of the ancient Greek world. The excursion is professionally led by a licensed guide.

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