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Mykonos Maritime Museum
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The Aegean has played a decisive role in Greek Maritime History, and principally for this reason it was decided to establish the Aegean Maritime Museum on Mykonos, Delos's close neighbour, in 1983. Delos, located approximately in the centre of the Aegean, was the connecting link in antiquity for sea transport between East and West.
The purpose of the Museum is to collect, classify, study, research and display historical and scientific material and to create ß nucleus that will form a centre of activity for everyone interested in studying and preserving the maritime traditions of the Aegean.
The Museum is housed in a traditional l9th century Cycladic building in the centre of the town of Mykonos; it formerly belonged to the legendary Mykonian sea captain Nikolaos Sourmelis. The rooms and spacious green garden have been suitably transformed into a harmonious setting for the display of the exhibits, which have been chosen with the object of acquainting the visitor with Greek Maritime History and Trad▀t▀on and in particular with the evolution and function of the merchant ship, chiefly in this historic region, from ant▀quity to the present day.
The Aegean Maritime Museum is a Private Foundation and has been functioning since 1985. ┴ll the costs of acquiring the exhibits both from Greece and abroad as well as of housing and maintaining the museum have been met by the Myconian George ╠. Dracopoulos, who is also the President of the Foundation.
To enable the visitor to follow the maritime developments, and particularly the evolution of of the merchantship in the Aegean from antiquity to the present, and thus to appreciate the wonderful continuity in the nautical tradition of the region, we have thought it helpful to give a brief review of its maritime history.

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