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Bosphorus Private Cruise
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This is not for an overnight stay, but it will cruise you to every overnite spot you could dream of. Crew of two to three depending on group. Catering for lunches and dinners can be arranged but also the yacht can deliver you to the restaurant of your choice along the seaside.
Imagine yourself on a boat that meanders up and down through the blue waters of the Bosphorus. Isn't that enough time spent thinking? Now it's time to act, and to live. The Daily Tour is recommended for small groups, families and honeymoon couples or just anyone looking for a nice way to see the rich life of the Bosphorus and to see the city by sea without traffic.
To see the Rumeli Hisari, the castle the protected the entrance into the Bosphorus channel from the sea or feel the strength of the Black Sea as you cruise along; maybe it's a stop in Bebek or Ortakoy the chic seaside towns of Istanbul where you enjoy a wonderful lunch; or could it just be viewing everything and enjoying a meal on this yacht by yourself; no matter what, you will enjoy it.

Departure times & prices (Daily & for 10 People, HB)

Morning (09.00-12.30)...$650(APR,MAY,OCT,NOV)
Morning (09.00-12.30)...$750(JUN,JUL,AUG,SEPT)

Afternoon (13.00-18.00)...$750(APR,MAY,OCT,NOV)
Afternoon (13.00-18.00)...$950(JUN,JUL,AUG,SEPT)

Evening (19.00-23.00)...$900(APR,MAY,OCT,NOV)
Evening (19.00-23.00)...$1100(JUN,JUL,AUG,SEPT)

Daily (11.00-18.00)...$1400(APR,MAY,OCT,NOV)
Daily (11.00-18.00)...$1700(JUN,JUL,AUG,SEPT)

Night (00.30-04.30)...$1250(APR,MAY,OCT,NOV)
Night (00.30-04.30)...$1900(JUN,JUL,AUG,SEPT)

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