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Crete Phaestos, Gortys, Matala (Full Day)

Crete Phaestos, Gortys, Matala (Full Day)
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This trip takes you South through the mountains and more of Crete's unique scenery and stopping first at Gortys, the capital during the Roman occupation. You can view the ancient forum and theatre, and see the famous Doric law code, chiselled forever into stone. Also at Gortys is one of the best and most beautiful of ancient churches on Crete - St. Titus dating from 5-6 A.D. From here we move on to Phaestos, the second major Minoan site, situated overlooking the Messara plain. At Phaestos you can see evidence of the original complex destroyed by fire and earthquake, and also the second, rebuilt complex. The afternoon is spent on the beach of Matala, overlooked by the famous Neolithic caves.

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