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The small mountainous island of Ithaka or Ithaka is known world-wide through its links with Homer's epic The Odyssey. With few decent beaches and overshadowed by its neighbour Kefalonia it has been fortunate in escaping the attentions of the package tourist industry. The result is a sleepy, rocky, some say dull little island 'good for goats' where time, if not standing still, is at the very best wandering about rather aimlessly.

  Hotels: Ithaka
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Dioskouri Maisonettes & Studios  - Mylos place - Vathy



Located in Vathy, the islandís capital, this brand new complex consists of spacious two-room suites, studios and double rooms.
This new accommodation is privileged to be situated just 800m from the city center, ensuring a most comfortable stay. The sea-front is only 30m away, while the nearest beach is within a distance of 500m.


1st April - 31st October

Getting there:

800m from the city center

Room Types:


Air Conditioning Television Self Catering 



Perantzada 1811   - Vathi-Ithaka



A picturesque hotel on a very picturesques Island and located at the picturesque port of Vathy. The hotel exterior of light-blue, sits in a neo-classical building which was designed by the 19th century architect Ernst Schiller. The traditional design of the building is innovatively combined with modern elements and selected works of art by prominent artists. It is the first hotel on this island of such caliber. Although it has a modern flavor the Greek colors of the sea (the carpets) and the oriental large pillows for laying surrounds you with the same wonderful views you see from your terraces.


1st May - 31st October

Getting there:

2 Mins from Port

Room Types:

12 Suites

Television Internet Access 



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