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  • Anafi
    Anafi is the last island from the southeastern cycladic islands. It is located 12n.m eastward of Santorini, its extension is 38 sq. kilometers and it has a triangular shape, with a small extension toward to the eastward, where a small peninsula takes shape.

  • Corfu
    If you know where to look it is still possible to escape the package tourists and discover the real magic of Corfu especially with the stylish Hotel Corfu Imperial.

  • Chios
    Chios is one of the Northeastern Aegean Islands. It is just a few miles off the coast of Asia Minor and about midway between the islands of Samos and Lesvos.

  • Crete
    Perhaps the true 'cradle of civilization', the mysteries and joys of Crete continue to astound. The hotels are of the same strong character and vastness with private pools and waterfront bungalows at the Relais Chateau resort Elounda Mare or the new Peninsula at the Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort.

  • Folegandros
    Folegandros is the myth, the undiscovered Greek island. Become one of the few who know.

  • Hydra-Spetses
    Hydra and Spetses are close to Athens and provide a getaway for Greeks and visitors alike.

  • Ios
    Ios or Nios (Ios Greece) -as it is called by the locals- is a very beautiful and picturesque Greek Island with excellent sandy beaches and hundreds chapels. Its pretty Hora (capital), is a dazzling mix of white washed houses and blue domed churches. Ios Island is well know for its nightlife and is a mecca to the young.

  • Ithaka
    Home to the greatest traveller of them all, Odysses, Ithaka remains one of Greece's hidden treasures. The island is the fifth largest of the Ionian islands, covering an area of 96 square kilometres, with a coastline of about 100 kilometres.

  • Kea
    One of the most attractive refuges in the Cyclades Cluster is Kea (Tzia) Island. Despite its constantly growing tourist infrastructure, it retains its natural beauty, quaintness and traditional characteristics, combining both serenity and exuberance.

  • Kefalonia
    Kefalonia is among the greenest islands in Greece. Lovely seaside villages, impressive mountains sandy and pebbly beaches and breathtaking rock formations create a "film-like" scenery that will definately make you come back.

  • Lefkas
    Lefkas is a surprise - a wonderful one - for not only is it outstandingly beautiful but also amazingly untouched.

  • Kos
    Famous as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, Kos is also known for its lovely, gentle scenery. It is both lush and fertile, with an abundance of springs and streams, gorgeous beaches and a marvelous climate.

  • Milos
    The southwesternmost island in the Cyclades group, Milos is famous for the statue of Aphrodite (the "Venus de Milo", now in the Louvre). There are some 70 fabulous beaches on this relatively quiet island.

  • Mykonos
    Picture perfect Mykonos never disappoints and the more time you spend here the more secret charms you uncover.

  • Naxos
    Still jealously guarding its beaches and valleys Naxos, like nearby Amorgos, awaits the more independent traveller looking for a personal Greek experience.

  • Paros
    Paros provides an excellent jumping off point for an island tour as well as fine beaches and accommodations to match.

  • Lesvos ( Mitilini )
    The island of Lesvos has a very attractive and beautiful local architecture, which is harmoniously blended to some fine examples of Ottoman, Byzantine and post-Byzantine architectural styles, forming a superb and magical scenery.

  • Patmos
    Patmos is a mixture old religion with an influx of the international, with people from many places of the world owning homes here. It still maintains the tranquility that St. John the Baptist brought to this Island centuries ago or so they say..

  • Poros
    Poros is a white gemstone of an island rising unexpectedly from the Aegean Sea, beloved by artists, writers, actors and those who seek peace and anonymity, natural beauty and friendly locals.

  • Samos
    Samosís location played a great role in its development. It lies in the Eastern Aegean, very close to the coast of Asia Minor, in the heart of Ionia, almost midway along the sea route that links Greece with Anatolia, the Black Sea, Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • Rhodes
    Sample the delights of Greece and Turkey from one convenient destination? There's much more to Rhodes than location.

  • Santorini
    The hotels nestled into the walls of the caldera a far from caves.. luxury boutique hotels such as Astra, Kallisto, Katikies, Vedema, Tsitouras to name a few.

  • Sifnos
    This is true greece from wonderful small bays to a true greek village, Apollonia

  • Skiathos-Skopelos
    Skiathos and Skopelos still contain traces of the Greece that we flocked to see years ago. A taste of authentic Greek life.

  • Symi
    A charming, releatively undeveloped island. Even if you've 'done' Greece you'll find something to remember here.

  • Mainland Greece
    The Mediterranean Collection mainland selection.

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