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This  tour includes many of the outer reaches of Cappadocia - almost impossible to explore by yourself without local knowledge.
Today we venture to the village of Avanos, the traditional home of pottery art since 3,000 BC.  You can participate in pottery demonstrations and tours through various galleries and learn a little about this ancient art. Then on to Sarihan Caravanserai built by the 13th Century Seljuk Turks.  This fully restored caravanserai was a major stop for traders and their camels on the famous Silk Road.  Next, we will walk in the "fairy chimney" valleys incorporating the traditional villages of Cökek and Ulas before stopping for a picnic lunch in the most spectacular of these valleys.   We then visit Urgup, a larger more modern township and visit a local winery for wine tasting.  Interestingly, parts of Urgup remain unchanged with homes precariously cut into the rock faces which appear to be "clinging" to the cliffs. 
The afternoon is spent walking and exploring through the valleys and amazing rock formations surrounding the villages of Karain and Karlik.  In the village of Karlik we will visit the Church of Theodora, one of the earliest of the frescoed churches in the area and then return to Göreme.

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