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Datca & Knidos
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Datca, 65 km from Marmaris is a pleasant sleepy little town, which was in ancient times the Capital of the area. After leaving Marmaris town the road climbs steeply through dramatic mountain scenery and the aromas of thyme, rosemary and sage permeate the air. Travel along the very top of the Datca peninsular flanked by turquoise coves on both sides, a slice of green creating a natural division where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Maybe walk along Datca beach to the Sultan's pool, where legend has it that the fresh spa water bubbling up from beneath made their wives even more beautiful. Well it's worth a try!
Continue along the Datca peninsula to ancient Knidos, one of the six cities of the Dorian Confederacy. The solitary ruins of Knidos are scattered on the hillside overlooking the ancient harbour. Much of this large site has still to be excavated but the skeleton of the city can easily be seen. In its time it was famous for its statue of Aphrodite created by the Greek Sculptor Praxteles. In the 4th century BC this was one of the first statues of a naked women and as such attracted many early tourists. During the same period, Eudoxos, one of the founding fathers of Greek geometry, lived in Knidos and set up an observatory to study the stars.

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