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Thessaloniki-Alexander the Great
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Thessaloniki-Alexander the Great
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Depart early in the morning to visit the two capital cities of Ancient Macedonia starting from Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great and second capital of Ancient Macedonia. Here, the legendary Alexander the Great grew up. Today many buildings have been revealed with magnificent mosaics that give us clues about the life of the ancient Macedonians and details about Alexander the Great. We shall visit the museum and the archaeological site.
Following that a visit to the city of the kingdom of Macedonia. There, the ancient Macedonians had the capital city of the kingdom of Macedonia. A guided tour of the marvelous palace and the impressive Macedonian tombs where in 1977, priceless treasures of the tomb of Phillip the Second and the Little Prince were found. A visit to the museum and the archaeological site.
At Vergina, a stop for a meal, optionally, at a beautiful tavern serving local cuisine and excellent appetizers.
Later, will visit Veria and will stop for photos at the Podium of Saint Paul. From here, Saint Paul spoke and taught the Christian religion to the residents of the area.

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