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Samos -Bathi-Ag.Paraskevi-Palaiokastro-Psili Ammos

Samos -Bathi-Ag.Paraskevi-Palaiokastro-Psili Ammos
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Starting from Bathi and following the seaside street we meet the church of Ag. Zonis and continuing the street leads to a picturesque bay of Ag. Paraskevi with the homonym little church. The sea of the blue sea goes until Makronisi.
Returning to Bathi and with direction to the east there is the picturesque village Kamara, rich in flourrishment, the green color prevails and the water flows. The same direction in distance of 4Km ends to Zoodocho Pigiís church of 18th century.
A Street before the monastery leads to the idyllic bay of Mourtia, a picturesque and full of green lanes suitable for the lovers of nature, with clean blue water that takes off the visitor and makes him or her swim in it.
To the right of Kamaraís village and walking through the street which passes from Ag. Zoniís monastery we arrive to Palaiokastro where to the southeast there are the Three churches. Leaving behind Palaiokastro and walking the Xontro Mountain we meet the Posidonio a small and calm bay on the opposite of Turkish beaches.
Returning to Palaiokastro and after the Three churches the street at the right side ends to Psili Ammo one of the most beautiful beaches of Samo that is far only 1km from the Turkish beaches.

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