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The discovery of some remains of Paleovenetian castles on the hills is the sign of the presence of human settlements since the protohistoric age. As a former possession of the Istri people, Carthaginian allies, the area has been conquered by the Roman legions that determined the foundation of the city around 180 b. C. It has always been a place of commerce, a border and a conquest land, and it has been dominated by the Goths, then by the Byzantine Empire, then, during the Carolingian dominion, it was protected by the Aquileia Episcopate; finally, it was annexed to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, even though with obstacles until the intervention of the Austrian dukedom, and later on, it was annexed to the Habsburg Empire, of which it was part for 5 centuries, until the events connected with the First and the Second World Wars. The rejoining to Italy, already sanctioned in 1918, has been achieved just on the 26 October 1954, after a long period of difficulties.

  Hotels: Trieste
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Continentale  - in Town



Hotel Continentale lies in the heart of Trieste: it overlooks via San Nicolo, which is the most famous pedestrian street for stroll and shopping. Completely restructured in 2003, the hotel is the link between the vivacity of the center of Trieste, rich of coffees historical and renowned wine cellars, and the tranquillity of the pedestrian zone of via San Nicolo


1st January - 31st December

Getting there:

on the border

Room Types:

47 Rooms

Air Conditioning Television Internet Access Restaurant 



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