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Olympos & Phaselis

The seaside restaurants are decent but I have to say since many backpackers are in the tree house area I would not find the restaurants of high caliber. One exception is the restaurant at the Olympos Lodge which is very nice also in atmosphere situated in beautiful gardens on the beach. Protected by beautiful palm trees from the beach traffic but not the sounds of the sea.

  Hotels: Olympos
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Akdeniz Bahcesi (Mediterranean Garden)  - Cirali Köyü



If you are ready to see a real Mediterranean Garden, almost 200 fruit trees in 1.2 acre fruit garden that pomegranate apple, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, avocado, white mulberry, black mulberry, plum, fig, olive, grape, satok (?),walnut, pecan nut, date and various vegetables are grown up will give you a big surprise!
... You will have possibility to meet with “Mediterranean Jasmines, begonias, mimosas, magnolias, mor salkımlar, lilies, various plants, flowers and fragrances!


1st April - 31st October

Getting there:

80 km from Antalya Airport

Room Types:

3 Houses

Air Conditioning Television Restaurant Self Catering 



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