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Kas, even during the hottest part of the day, the old Turkish houses, with their rickety wooden balconies overflowing with bushes of flowering bougainvillea, provide shade enough to browse the wonderful little tourist shops. The ancient stone sarcophagus tucked in a quiet back street is both a delightful discovery and a reminder of Kas's rich history. Visiting the oldest shipwreck known to man, lying deep off Kekova Cape, offers one of the best local day trips. Those seeking a lively nightlife may find Kas a bit more active than Kalkan.
A day trip to Kekova (Simena) and Ucagiz and could be the highlight of your stay in Lycia, the region of Turkey roughly between Fethiye and Antalya. Usually reached by boat from Kas or Kalkan, this little bit of the coast is full of surprises and history. Your typical trip will take in the sites of three ancient cities, Aperlae, Teimiussa and Simena (Kale). You really don't need to know anything about the history of the area to enjoy the trip, but it is so interesting that one does. The sunken city lies beneath the most beautiful tourquoise seas.

  Hotels: Kas
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Diva Residence  - Kas Peninsula



The hotel is two minutes from it's own private rocky Diva Beach. In addition has a large swimming pool and sunbathing area, a relaxing Bedouin style deck bar and a large closed restaurant and lounge with a pool table. In the evenings you can dine outside or inside and choose delicious food from the menu that includes Turkish Mediterranean, Ottoman and other cuisines.


1st April - 31st October

Getting there:

2 1/2 Hrs from Antalya Airport,
2 1/2 Hrs from Dalaman Airport

Room Types:

9 Suites

Air Conditioning Television Internet Access Swimming Pool Beach Restaurant 



Kale Pension in Kekova   - Simena-Kekova



It is the place for those searching fro remotness but unbelievable beauty. The stars are as close as one can be from this earth. Once the day trippers leave it's yours and just a few others home for the night. the price is aobut the miniml amount of accomdations on this island and although there's not much more than a bed clean bathroom and somewhere to hang up the wet bathing suit you will find a wonderful balcony looking straight on to the Lycian city and city. Dining at the sea side taverna's will pass the night wonderfully.


1st January - 31st December

Getting there:

2 Hrs from Antalya Airport

Room Types:

12 Rms

Air Conditioning 



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