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Day 1
Embarking 15:00 onward in Port of Gocek

The yacht will head out to bay of Agalimani (wonderful small beach area) for your first swim in the Mediterranean. Your first evening will be spent meeting your new cruising mates and enjoying the quietness of life at Sea.
Dinner on Yacht

Day 2
Cruise after that morning swim to one of the most photographed spots on the Aegean, Oludeniz. In mornings it is delightful (before the tourists arrive) and offers wonderful swimming and snorkeling. Afternoon the yacht will move to Gemiler bay which will allow those wanting a wonderful visit to the old Greek village of Kayakoy (Excursion 1). Also the Gemiler Island is strewn with Byzantine antiquities including a fabulous arched walkway falling steeply to the sea. The view from the Peak of Gemiler Island is wonderful at sunset.
Lunch and Dinner on yacht

Day 3
As the sunrises you will cruise to Yesilkoy Bay (near Kalkan). After breakfast and swim you will cruise to another bay near the village of Kas. A wonderful place for an Early evening stroll through the town. The yacht will either moor in harbor or at nearby bay and crew will bring you in by tender. You can enjoy the village night life with some wonderful small shops and it does have a couple of funky Bars fun for those enjoying some spontaneous night life. Or just come to town for a short while and then back out in bay for another wonderful evening under the stars.
Lunch and dinner on Yacht

Day 4
Cruise to AperlAI the Christian church underwater (wonderful snorkeling) and of course Kekova the famous sunken city where you can see the Lycian tombs bobbing on the very Turquaz Sea. It is so peaceful here and a must to do is a walk at sunset to the top of Kaleici (the Castle).
Lunch and Dinner on Yacht

Day 5
Have an idle day by visiting picturesque bays of Kekova, like Karalöz and Gökkaya. Have lots of time for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. For our guests who like to have a land tour to Demre and Myra location of St. Nicholas Church (Excursion 2).
Lunch and Dinner on Yacht

Day 6
Cruise to village of Kalkan where the old town offers wonderful walking especially for those loving to meander around and snap great photos. After lunch Guests wanting to visit the famous Lycian sites of Xanthos, Letoon, and Patara Beach (Excursion 3).
The tender will take guests into town and transport arranged for tour
Lunch on Yacht Dinner in Kalkan Town
(Guests, who prefer, could have dinner in a restaurant in Kalkan town very excellent restaurants to choose from).

Day 7
Morning sunrise cruise to Fethiye Bay.
Your last day will be spent enjoying the warm Mediterranean Seas with a variety of watersports canoes snorkeling (water skiing Extra).
Farewell evening spent in Turunc Bay Fethiye remembering the last 7 days and saying good bye to new found friends.
Lunch and Dinner on Yacht

Day 8
Disembark in Gocek from 8:00am to 10.00 a.m.

  Air Conditioning Television Internet Access 


1st May - 31st October


Dalaman airport


5- 6 cabins

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