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' The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece... Eternal summer gilds them yet ' - Lord Byron's passion for the Greek islands reached its height in his love for one in particular. Naxos, known in earlier times as Dionysia, home of Dionysus, god of her ancient vineyards. Fortunately for today's traveller, the beauty that once seduced Lord Byron can still be enjoyed today. The sunny peaks, deep valleys and long, lonely coastlines by the emerald-green Aegean make this large island a gem hidden from the modern world, although it can now be reached by airplane as well as sea. Sailing into Naxos, past the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo, you'll discover the waterfront of a working fishing port, not a tourist trap. Outside rte town of Naxos are some of the longest stretches of beach in the Aegean, or mountains where one can hike to the Cave of Zeus - but don't forget to bring a torch. This island is for adventurers and independent travelers seeking something off the beaten track.


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