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According to legend, the city of Rome was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus on April 21, 753 BC. Archaeological evidence supports claims that Rome was inhabited since the 8th century BC and earlier.[2] The city was the cradle of Roman civilization that produced the largest and longest-lasting empire of classical antiquity.[citation needed] The city was pivotal and responsible for the spread of Greco-Roman culture that endures to this day. Rome is also identified with the Catholic Church and the holders of its episcopal seat are the popes. An enclave of Rome is the State of the Vatican City, the sovereign territory of the Holy See and smallest nation in the world.

  Hotels: Italy- Rome
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Campo de' Fiori   - Rome



Hotel Campo de' Fiori is located in a unique position in the heart of the lively and pituresc area of Rome known as Campo de' Fiori. The hotel is a fabulous “BOUTIQUE HOTEL”, romantic, cozy and sought after, that know’s how to offer to it’s guests a suggestive atmosphere to make unforgettable there stay in the Eternal City.
The hotel is situated since 1937 in an antique structure of the Roma Baroque period. It’s faCade is almost totally covered with a lush ivy that even before entering anticipates the charm of the interior of the hotel.


1st April - 31st October

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Air Conditioning Television Internet Access Restaurant 



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