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Another unique characteristic of Datça is its climate. With a temperature rarely exceeding 35°C (95°F), combined with extremely high pure oxygen and low relative humidity levels, Datça is very beneficial to one’s health. The Datça peninsula has been renowned for its healing climate since ancient times. The famous Ionian historian and geographer Strabon (63 BC-20 AD) said about Datça: “Gods leave those, whom they wish to give a long and healthy life, in Knidos.”

  Hotels: Datca-Knidos
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Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion (Kocaev)  - Resadiye



Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion served as the home of the Tuhfezade Family, who were influential in the socio-economical and political life of Datça for over two hundred years. Restored in the traditional manner, keeping the Anatolian landed gentry family atmosphere intact, Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion is now a “museum hotel” offering comfort and peace in an authentic environment to its guests. 2006 they have added a swimming pool which has now made this the ultimate hotel not only with it's authentic location and style now for the summer days between the seas of datcha and the pool all comforts can he found.


1st May - 1st November

Getting there:

1 Hour from Marmaris

Room Types:

2 Suites, 15 Stone Houses

Air Conditioning Swimming Pool Restaurant 



Villa Asina   - Datca



Overlooking the majestic Mediterranean coast and surrounded by mountains, This newly renovated hotel offers tastefully decorated sea view rooms, where you can sit and enjoy cool sea breezes and breathtaking views of the Greek Islands Simi and Rhodes.


1st April - 31st October

Getting there:

2 1/2 Hrs from Dalaman Airport

Room Types:

1 Honeymoon Room
19 Rms

Air Conditioning Bathtubs Television Internet Access Swimming Pool Restaurant 



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