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Precious decorations and beautiful antique furnishings enhance the atmosphere and luxurious comfort of the 12 totally different rooms.
Step inside the elegantly appointed courtyard with its aristocratic lobby and medievally decorated atmosphere, step back to the days when master craftsmen cared a lot about the details.

10 with fireplaces, a total of 12 concept rooms, all displaying the most excellent illustrations of Middle Age Art, each decorated differently and uniquely with worthy antique or handicraft furniture and accessories on a large scale.
Dinner menu accompanied by old, forgotten and ancient cuisines which are served in an medieval atmosphere supported by antique silverware, antique chandeliers and chevalier tables.
Complimentary breakfast menu turning earliest times of the day into the merriest.
Complimentary Cherry liqueur of a forgotten recipe in crystal bottles in all the rooms.
Complimentary freshly made cake and tea of childhood memories at the sunset.
Exclusive mini bars at rooms meeting expectations of a wide range.
Bathrooms with Jacuzzis, candle sticks and contemporary luxury to follow up your enchanting day in Cappadocia.
Works of art by famous artists of Cappadocia in the courtyard.
Staff aware of the importance of ‘the service to the individual’.
Tranquillity in the courtyard under the shade of huge vine trees reminding the age of the mansion.

  Air Conditioning BathTubs Internet Access 


1st January - 31st December

Getting there:

1 Hr from Kayseri Airport,
4 Hrs from Ankara Airport

Room types: 

12 Luxury Rooms


Bed and Breakfast and all taxes inc.

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