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Firo Stefani

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When you come to such a rich country, full of ancient sites, isn't it the perfect scenario when you can also live and breathe the richness as well? Have you ever stayed in a place where every room around you might be found in the National Museum? It all begins here with the House of Portraits featuring the romance of history in portraits, including Lord Byron and Teresa Makir, the Athenian maid who won his heart. The House of Porcelain sets the scene for an idyllic breakfast for two. The room has a spectacular view as well as a backdrop of 19th Century Minton and Royal Copenhagen porcelain. The richness continues in the House of Winds, and the House of the Sea, which among its many incredible artifacts includes an authentic Picasso plate, tarrying on a tabletop. Finally, the House of Nureyev offers a sense of total space. Not one vision is less inspiring than the other. Each room offers not only physical beauty but impeccable service, rounding off a magical experience.
The rooms are built inside the cliffs and therefore maintain an incredible amount of coolness (even summer blankets are necessary).
Built in 2001, the Tsitouras Villa is the last word in luxurious comfort and equipment, in harmonious co-existence with unique art objects dating to the 16th century.

  Air Conditioning Television Swimming Pool 


1st March - 30th November

Getting there:

15 Mins from Airport
25 Mins from Port

Room types: 

2-1 Bdrms, 3-2 Bdrms


Bed and Breakfast and all taxes inc.

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