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This new luxury hotel blends beautifully into the dramatic terrain of Bodrum. Built of stone from this region and crowned with interesting towers, the Marmara Bodrum seems to pay tribute to the Castle of St. Peter which its captivating view encompasses. The Mamara is a landmark hotel, offering the kind of sophisticated retreat on the Turkish Riviera that will attract the many interesting folks who will journey through this town by yacht and land. The Turkish architect and French interior designer have our deep respect as they have done a sensational job of blending outstanding architecture and art with hospitality. The interior is a creative mix of exquisite finishings -- such as Anatolian tile, antique textile prints and original art -- that are at once classy, colorful, sexy and fun. All of the art captures you. The atmosphere from the morning breakfast to the candlelight poolside at sunset is of simple Mediterranean style. The rooms are very spacious but corner suites are just a bit more visually intriguing due to the angles of the room. No matter where you rest yourself in your room (including the bathroom), you will have a view into the old and modern town. Whether enjoying the two swimming pools, squash court, gym or massage room, you will find this hotel so seductive that it will be hard to break away to enjoy those wonderful beaches and charming nearby fishing villages with lovely seaside restaurants.

  Air Conditioning BathTubs Television Internet Access Swimming Pool 
Fitness Room Restaurant 


8th February - 31st October

Getting there:

30 Minutes from Bodrum Airport
70 Min from Port of Kos, GR

Room types: 

33 Rms, 20 Corner Rms, 6 Suites w/Jacuzzi, 1 Party Rm


Bed and Breakfast and all taxes inc.

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