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The Ardamis Hotel is a charming traditional hotel with beautiful age windows, romantic arches and balconies; the building was home for the administrators of the fort from the age of Venicians to the days of the Turkish occupation. It has been transformed in a spectacular formation of rooms maintaining many of the century old features without a sign of alteration of the surroundings offering fine accommodation service and comfortable services.
Special unique features of The Ardamis include the one and only castle of the fort, a room with 14-meter high ceiling and 7 meter wide windows. In the living room of one of the suites there is a well 800 years old with a marble opening, modified to resemble a small table with glass and light, whose exact replica of the opening is found in the museum of Constantinople along with a picture of the fort.
This property is very popular with weekend visitors from Athens and mainland Greece, so much so that is necessary to say that a visit here is recommended during weekdays.



1st January - 31st December

Getting there:

2 Hrs Drive from Kalamaka Airport

Room types: 

26 Rooms


All taxes included

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