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Diktynna Travel

Mediterranean Collection's selected agents for Crete-Chania


Hotel reservations at prices that are never higher than the official rate and many times less
Transfers can be arranged for private individuals as well as groups
Transfers include transportation to and from hotels, airports, cruise ships and other points of entry
Car rentals
Organized group tours and private customized tours can be arranged
Special events, business seminars, assistance with art, cooking, hiking, scuba, or any other special interest groups


If you are unable to find availability in the hotels featured in the Mediterranean Collection web site, please use the services of this agency. Many times they have allocated space as well as enjoy special relationships with hoteliers that will help you with reservations when everything seems unavailable. Please include your price range and a comparable hotel featured in the Med Collection to help them select the style of accommodation you are seeking. They promise to promote the quality of accommodations that are featured on this web site to the best of their ability.


Crete is an ideal island for villa rental due to the many diversifed tours as well as the size of the island, tourists enjoy long lengthy stays. It is also one of the few Islands that has a good selection of many different sizes of villas as well as location village or seaside or sometimes both. Some have pools some are charming and quaint with a rustic atmosphere but assured of all the wonderful comforts. This Agency features some additional villas besides those featured in the Mediterranean Collection. Since villas are such a customized accommodation and details of the utmost importance such as bedding types, how many bathrooms special features cleaning services etc. We suggest that you always communicate with agencies that work with villas as a main product line because they have the professional knowledge of many of the issues you will need addressed. Preplanning as much in advance will offer you many more choices.

Custom Tours

Crete flourishes in vast landscape and has so many hidden treasures (not just the archaelogical sites) but many wonderful churches, villages, floral and of course the Venetian and Byzantine architecture. The Samarian Gorge is not the only hiking trail to be found on this Island ask this agency. This agency loves their Island and they want to share it intimately with the traveler so whether you have your own ideas, or fall in love with one of their specific tours, they can arrange the details.Click to location Crete for specific tours offered by this agency.

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