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About Mediterranean Collection

The Mediterranean Collection is the culmination of a quest to seek out the best in hotel and travel services in Turkey and Greece. The catalogue and accompanying web site is dedicated to revealing the secrets of this part of the world for many years to come.

The resources we provide are aimed at both the independent traveler and the travel agent who seeks to find exactly what their client is in search of. We have been working in the tour industry for 20 years and have always focused on the individual traveler or small groups looking for the unique and special places of Greece and Turkey.

We'll be bringing you more and more information through this web site so, if you're looking for the best in destinations, you will find everything you need when planning your trip -- from car rental to hotel to guides. Please keep watching this site. If you find in your search for accommodations a hotel that we do not have listed, talk to us there is a reason.

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